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Langfang Dadi Wood has been used birch, poplar as main materials of plywood used for concrete template, waterproof glue with high quality and phonelic resin impregnated paper as the material of its surface. The surface of phonelic film and plywood is smooth because advanced and strict technology is used in the process of productivity. Our production bears the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good function for water resistance and repeated usage, etc. which make the template to be fitful for high built constructions. The Advantages of High Quality Film-covered Template Compared with Steel Template. The weight of film-covered template is lighter compared with steel template, which is convenient for construction of high buildings. Not only quality of projects is improved, process being accelerated, and patchworks being reduced , but also any norm can be cut into according to your requirement. The Advantages of High Quality Film-covered Template Compared with Bamboo Plywood Bamboo plywood is limited to its own material properties, so the thickness tolerance is not easy to be mastered. The performance of high quality template in constructions is better than that of bamboo plywood, easy to be nailed, sawed and drilled. The template can be boiled for 20 minutes without any damage. The characteristics of good water resistance, light weight compared with bamboo plywood, smooth surface give film-covered template many advantages. The Advantages of Plywood used for Concrete Template

1. Light Weight: It is fitful for high built constructions and bridges.
2. Large Format: The largest format is 1220*2440mm, which reduces patchworks, improving working effectiveness.
3. No warping, no distortion, no cracking, good water resistance, high turnover and long service life.
4. The film is easily to be moved, which is one of seven to steel formwork.
5. Being Used to Make Concrete: The surface of items covered with concrete is smooth and beautiful, eliminating the second mortar, which shortens 30 percent of working time.
6. Corrosion Resistance: No pollution on the surface of concrete.
7. The characteristic of good insulation is beneficial to construction in winter.
8. It can be made into bending template.
9. Good Performance in Constructions: The function in nailing, sawing and drilling is far better than that of bamboo plywood and steel template. It can be made into template of various shapes.
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