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Company General Manager Liu Zengjun and Thynne trains the group to evaluate “the Huangpu training battalion” the project, symbolizes that the earth wood industry starts to enter into “the standardization, the internationalization, to continue to melt” the development path.
The leadership is a knowledge, the leadership is one skill, the company leadership discusses unceasingly in the head of undertaking aspect with the thorough study, the chart leads Chairman Li Qiang for company General Manager Liu Zengjun and the Chinese style to take a group photo kindly.

 In the summer of 2006, the company organized all employees to travel to Bailixia that is national AAA scenic spot. The company hoped that this travel could cultivate the employees’ character; giving them a relaxed space. Zengjun Liu, the general manager of Dadi company encouraged them that work harder, get more and happiness was productivity.

On July 20th, 2008, our company held a sports meeting. Seven teams had taken part in the activity with a high spirit to support Olympic Games of 2008, to support China.

 Dadi Wooden Co. Ltd has developed for 9 years. It not only has become a famous enterprise in local district but also got the honor—The First Grand in Plywood Used for Concrete Template of China. The picture is associate manager Lixia Liu who is accepting the interview of Langfang TV.


On October, 2007, several backbones of our company went to Beijing to take part in a training lesson. They are hoped to become the hardcore of the company. The above picture is their group photo.

 The temperament of leader decides the temperament of a company. The general manager has the foresight to create the first grand in plywood used for concrete template of China.

 Didi Wood believe that a company should practice a citizen’s obligation, so all employees are very active at taking part in public welfares. The picture is general manager Zengjun Liu who is donating to Sichuan province after the earthquake with our employees

 The managers participate many industry discussion regularly, learning with each other.

In 2011, our company was awarded The First Partnership of Engineering Materials of the Country. It is the only company that got this honor in the field of template.

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